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Registering with the D-STAR Network

We regularly get enquiries from customers and other D-STAR users who are having problems getting registered onto the D-STAR network.

Where best way we encourage users to register with their local repeater keeper. In a perfect world this shouldn't be a problem. However there may be reasons why users cannot register, so if you require registration, please send us the following details to and we will add you to the D-STAR network:

• Name,
• Call sign,
• Postcode
• Email address.

Or fill in your details on the form provided. When we have processed your request you will receive an email and then you will be able to get on the air…digitally. Don’t forget you do not have to be registered to use the repeater locally.

PLEASE NOTE: You only need to register for D-STAR once. To check to see if you are registered, please follow this link and submit your callsign for verification.

Please also note that this is not an automated system and that registration may take up to 48 hours to process.