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D-Star UK
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for the second century of Amateur Radio

D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) is a radio system which offers digital voice and data communication. Repeater sites are pre-dominantly connected over the Internet and form a wide area amateur radio network as a result that can span the globe.

Search this site and discover a whole new perspective on Amateur radio!

What is D-STAR*?

What is D-STAR*?

D-STAR* (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) compliments other parts of the Amateur Radio hobby including VHF, H...
Base/Mobile Radio

D-STAR* Base/Mobile Radio

Several Icom mobile Amateur radios are D-STAR* enabled. To see our current UK range, click here.
Handheld Radio

D-STAR* Handheld Radio

Connect to the D-STAR* network using either our IC-E80D, IC-E92D or ID-31E D-STAR* handheld radios.
Radio Repeaters

D-STAR* Radio Repeaters

Check out our new range of D-STAR* digital radio repeater products including the ID-RP2C Repeater Controller and the ID-RP4000V UHF Digital Voice Repe...
Welcome to the UK D-STAR* radio forums. Initially we have three forums set up for registered users to participate in. The three forums are D-STAR* (GB7IC), D-STAR* (General) and D-STAR* (Technical). If you have any id...


A chronology of events and our experiences in setting up the UK's first D-STAR* radio repeater.

D-STAR* (General)

Welcome to the D-STAR* radio forum for general comments, questions and suggestions.

D-STAR* (Technical)

This forum has been designed to provide users with an area to discuss and answer some of the issues about setting up and using D-STAR*radio.
(*Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio)
Please also visit our other market specific sites, Icom (UK), Marine Radio, dPMR (digital Private Mobile Radio), Amateur Radio, Marine Commander, DSC Handheld and IP Radio Systems
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