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D-Star for Cambridgeshire - 09/10/2007

Hi all,

After some discussions amoungst the Cambridge Repeater Group we have decided to go forward with D-Star. We already have the callsign GB7PI issued for a 70cm repeater and the site will be Barkway 12 miles SSW of Cambridge (IO92XA). We still need to get the members of the CRG to Ok the purchase as it's over our committee approved spending limit but we have an AGM in 4 weeks time. Hopefully on air before Xmas.

Gavin, M1BXF.

Posted By: Mr Gavin Nesbitt

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Hi All

Hopefully my 2820 will arrive tomorrow - Hope to be able to get in from Biggleswade.

Posted By:
Mr Terry Higginson
29 November 2007 18:06
Hi all,

The Cambridge Repeater Group held it's AGM last night (Fri 16th Nov) and approved the D-Star repeater GB7PI! That's just as well as the repeater itself was sitting in a car outside the meeting :o) As the NoV was issued in October we plan to have it installed onsite next week.

I've got an Icom IC-E2820 and a few other D-Star radios are in the area (E91, V82 etc) and more are on order. We are planning to run some technical tests on expanding the use of the repeater and therefore are getting an E2820 and E91 as part of the groups investment into the repeater. Some of these investigations will include linking projects, CW ident (analogue) on the output frequency and other telemetric systems.

More info here:


Gavin, M1BXF
CRG Technical Coordinator.
Posted By:
Mr Gavin Nesbitt
17 November 2007 10:39
Hi Dave,

You should be able to get into GB7PI (once operational) from Wisbech. We currently have GB3PI (145.750), GB3PX (50.780), GB3PS (1297.075) and GB3PT high speed packet node (439.7125) running onsite if you want to try accessing any, although with a 2820 GB3PI will be your only option just now.

Keep you eye on for info.

Gavin, M1BXF.
Posted By:
Mr Gavin Nesbitt
15 October 2007 14:14
I wonder what coverage area you are expecting to achieve for mobiles?

I have to travel out to Wisbech on a reasonably regular basis and am considering whether it would be worth the extra £150 for a UT-123 board in an Icom IC-E2820?

I've discovered, when signing up to this forum, that there is one planned for South Yorkshire (which is probably going to be in range of me in North Derbysire) so another D-Star repeater that I could use over in the Wisbech area wioould be very useful.

Thanks for any information on the plans.

Regards - Dave (G0DJA)
Posted By:
Mr David Ackrill
15 October 2007 14:00
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