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23cm gear availability in the UK - 15/10/2007

I've been looking at various dealers advertisments in the latest Practical Wireless, and on the net, but can't see anyone selling 23cm D-Star enabled equipment from stock.

I guess this means special orders and I wondered what the lead time would be, and where I can get an idea of equipment costs (including the UT-123 of course).

Plus, how many others are interested in 23cm, or even already have gear for that band that has D-Star on it, in the UK?

Thanks - Dave (G0DJA)

Posted By: Mr David Ackrill

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Dear Dave

With the 23 cm equipment, you are looking at the ID-1 which should be in production at the end of the year. Hopefully they should be available at the start of the year. No price has been set.

The UT-123 will only work with the IC-E2820. We have stock and so should dealers selling this model.

Ian (M3INL)
Posted By:
Mr Ian Lockyer
15 October 2007 16:28
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