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Dstar and Repeater registration. - 28/08/2010

Having acquired a DCAP Dongle for use with my Icom and living in North Wales where we have no Repeaters (the nearest out of range 70cm is in the Wirral - and I need 2m of course), I tried to register with SYRG (GB7YD. Contact to be via dongle. I gave my details and call sign and hoped to get some form of acknowledgement etc. I heard nothing and cannot see any other means of communicating with SYRG. Is this all I need to do? Is there any where I can check whether I am registered? I'm new to radio and even less conversant with digital. Any advice out there please? The books (American) suggest that I should receive a registration link but I am totally confused.

Posted By: Mr Michael Jones

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I had exactly the same problem with GB7CD. No response to my emails. I contacted Icom and they put me on the database within an hour. Sincere thanks to the customer service team.
Posted By:
DR. George Skea
02 July 2011 09:03
i also use a dv dongle and get no replies to my emails to the keeper of gb7wp wirral to get registred i am now wondering if it is because we use a dv dongle and not a radio, i checked up on this and anybody using a donngle must be allowed access, so you are not on your own, and manners count for nothing replying to requests,good luck tom
Posted By:
Mr tom clements
24 May 2011 12:38
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