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D-Star D-STAR* (General)

Welcome to the D-STAR* radio forum for general comments, questions and suggestions.

getting started on D-STAR - 02/10/2015

I recently bought a used IC-E80D handheld so I could get onto D-STAR for my local D-STAR repeaters (GB3VT and GB3IP) but, up to yet I've not managed to get the rig to work on D-STAR or analogue repeaters (works fine on simplex).
The rig came with a computer interface lead (which seems to work OK) and I've downloaded Icom cloning software but I can't make head nor tail of it (I'm a 70 year old computer illiterate and it baffles me). I desperately need written "one step at a time" instructions for the software so I can read them whilst trying to do the programming (I can't make any sense of the rig manual). HELP

Jim Barnett (G0JGB)

Posted By: Mr James Barnett

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