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Getting set up with D-STAR

The absolute first step is to get yourself registered on the D-STAR network. D-STAR Gateways enable users to connect from a local D-STAR repeater, equipped wi...

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How do I get involved with D-STAR

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with D-STAR. The first major requirement is that in order to use the D-STAR system is that you must be a l...

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How does D-STAR work?

There are a number of ways you can communicate on the D-STAR network. These include using D-STAR enabled radios that are capable of 3 digital communication str...

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Other forms of D-STAR

Icom are one of the main manufacturers to embrace this open digital standard and have manufactured a range of equipment including Digital Amateur handportables,...

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Registering with the D-STAR Network

Where best way we encourage users to register with their local repeater keeper. In a perfect world this shouldn't be a problem. However there may be reasons w...

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