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Products Available in the UK

Although Icom is the first to support D-STAR*, any company can produce equipment to support this protocol. The licensed equipment known to inter-operate with D-STAR* system in the UK is predominantly UHF. At the moment, the D-STAR* Products that are available are:

D-Star Base/Mobile Radio

Several Icom mobile Amateur radios are D-STAR* enabled. To see our current UK range, click here.

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D-Star Handheld Radio

Connect to the D-STAR* network using either our IC-E80D, IC-E92D or ID-31E D-STAR* handheld radios.

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D-Star Radio Repeaters

Check out our new range of D-STAR* digital radio repeater products including the ID-RP2C Repeater Controller and the ID-RP4000V UHF Digital Voice Repeater!

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