Getting set up with D-STAR

The absolute first step is to get yourself registered on the D-STAR network. D-STAR Gateways enable users to connect from a local D-STAR repeater, equipped with a D-STAR Gateway, to any other Gateway equipped D-STAR repeater.

Once an Amateur is registered with a repeater gateway, it can connect to D-STAR users beyond the local repeaters. You do not have to be registered with a gateway to use a local repeater, only if you want to make use of the D-STAR network. You only have to register with one gateway as your registration information is propagated to all other gateways and reflectors in the D-STAR network.

The second step is to make sure you actually have a local repeater that supports D-STAR. If you’re in a city, you probably do, but there are still some gaps in the UK without D-STAR coverage. To find out which D-STAR repeaters are in range and active in your area go to Http://