How do I get involved with D-STAR

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with D-STAR. The first major requirement is that in order to use the D-STAR system is that you must be a licenced operator. If you aren’t a licenced radio Amateur, the best place to start is with the Radio Society of Great Britain where you will find information about the hobby and how to get into it.

D-STAR allows you to communicate:

D-STAR (Radio only)
You can use your handheld radio to connect with a local repeater that is D-STAR enabled, and then use it to link to talk to people elsewhere in the world.

DVAP (Where there are no local repeaters)
With a DVAP, you can plug a little dongle into your computer. Then you can user you own D-STAR handheld or base radio to transmit to the computer, which takes your voice and transfers it over the Internet to other repeaters, reflectors and users. This is essentially the same thing as the previous option, but this works if there is no local repeater in your area.

DV Dongle
Another very popular use of D-STAR is to just plug a dongle and a microphone into your PC and talk to other Amateur radio enthusiasts around the world through the internet.